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back from the dead [28 Jun 2006|11:23pm]
to tell to a certain pirate:

get the fuck off your high horse, asshole.
draw your sword...

now that's, what holds us down! [17 Mar 2006|09:11pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

looking into the past makes you realize one thing...

how fucking goofy you use to be.

went through a lot of life changes, all for the best, in my opinion.

i never update this shit because i never really think anyone looks at it. so i write like no one looks at it. i'm going to say some shit that i've realized: my friends were right about all my ex's, and i'm a fucking idiot for not listening. nothing but horrible people. i've found ms. right and dat's dat. working at gamestop was the best/worst time of my life. the bps were the best/worst musical experience i've had in my life. my everchanging friends have stopped changing so much and i'm happy for such things. keepin' it so real.

fuck the past, i ain't looking back no more.

peace livejournal.

<3chris, krid, zula.


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stop, turn, take a look around [28 Jan 2006|11:46pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

one of my reoccuring pet peves is when people like to test my patience. not in the sense of making me wait, but more of taking for granted my kinder side. honestly, i can take a joke, it's not a big deal to me ... but if you harp on something, it will generally piss most people off. it happens to everyone and i just don't like it. i just hate being treated like a fucking idiot. i believe that's a common understanding with everyone.

draw your sword...

i don't play so i don't playa hate ya'll. [17 Jan 2006|12:28pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

it's amazing how some people you think you know and would never do anything against the character could turn that image upside-down.

old friends have burned the final bridges with me, i consider them dead as of now. i won't acknowledge their existence nor will i acknowledge our once friendship. some shit you can let fly, and this would be one of those situtations.

other than that, TAOW is working on new songs, stephy is going to school now and i've got two days of nothing. bored with fruit loops, yup.


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have you ever prayed to the night sky?! [19 Nov 2005|07:32pm]
[ mood | creative ]

well .. luckily lj ain't a job or i'd get fired. hah

anyways, i got my promotion. i've got my own store, it feels good.

the art of war got some hella bomb shows you all need to go to, including:

DECEMBER 7th, 2005
Old Fashioned Knife Fight, Terrah, Ballistics + The Art Of War

DECEMBER 9th, 2005

JANURARY 4th, 2006

yeah, it'll mosh your face off.

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while you are brokedown .. and alone [31 Oct 2005|03:42pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

listening to the bps on my laptop in a shady motel in bakersfield

interesting halloween much? indeed.

the bps bring back a lot of memories i miss ... and some people i miss.

but due to the current state of some people. i'm glad they broke up.

the art of war needs more shows ... like furreal, i'm getting impatient with this shit.


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do they even cure you? [18 Oct 2005|11:52am]
[ mood | content ]

this weekend was awesome in so many ways, drawbacks but ... you know. here's the list.

fresno was aight. i always enjoy road trips with homies. throwin' down for kids who don't know what the fuck a breakdown is or what we're doing was fun. all in all, those kids didn't know shit about promotion, so better luck to them next time.

after that, me and steph drove back to bakersfield, played with her friend tori for a bit then got a hotel for the night before our big day in LA with Coheed.

Coheed Day; pretty smooth ride, but the Grapevine is a bitch to drive through. the Focus made it pretty good tho. got there around like 1pm or so, at the front portion of the line. the whole time all these n00bz were looking at steph "murel" she painted for the band. she and her homie sought out Coheed and found them around the building. i must admit i was kinda pissed cause i wanted to hang with them too. anyways, she gave them her painting, they loved it, and then we stole some food from a ralph's nearby.

afterwards, the show started and it was a mixed kinda feeling. mewithoutyou was ... well, mewithoutyou. dredg, i can say with all confidence that they can directly suck the hugest dick in the world. the fucks. blood brothers came out and did there thing. only a few songs off piano island and march on electric children, mostly crimes stuff.

and then after the brothers left the stage, all was silent ... a quiet calm. after a few minutes of roading setting shit up ... the curtain rose and the most awesome stage setup was there. creepy, dull and bloody windows with Claudio(the character in the novel, not the lead singer) a chick i believe was the A chick, i never remember her name, and some death dude. the winged gilleoute(sp) was there too. fucking metal to the max.

Coheed put on one of the best performances i've seen out of the five. they played a lot of the new album ... but i kept yelling to claudio to "keep it real" (cause i was like 2ft away from him). so they busted out some devil in jersey city, delirium trigger and my personal favorite, everything evil. they ended their set with "the willing well vi: the final cut", and during one of the lyric lines, steph straight screams the part and claudio kinda giggled. end scene.

5 out of 5 stars.

recording tomorrow. work in an hour.


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a selfish little whore ... a selfish little whore ... [08 Oct 2005|02:49am]
[ mood | crazy ]

the day can only be summed up in this word:


turning in cans with shann
buying a new keyboard
playing an awesome show and making like 260 dollars
considering/practicing/becoming vegetarian(sp?)
talking with stephy. =D
finding out paychex REALLY wants to hire me

life rules right now.


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are you hoping for a miracle? [06 Oct 2005|03:54pm]
yeah, long time no post, like any of you care anyways. ha.

here's the lowdown pretty much: i've been offered a job at gamecrazy as a manager. kinda skeptical because of the fact i'm young ... and i don't think i'd be able to do it, but my DM has faith in me ... and coming from him, that's saying something.

the art of war has been going alright. we've changed tuning and the style we play in. i like it, a lot more high energy stuff than old TAOW/goodbyephoenix stuff. i hope everyone digs it. our demo is coming out sometime in mid-october, make sure you all get one.

coheed next sunday with my babe. la and coheed should be a nice escape from the world of rancho cordova/sacramento. i'm looking forward to it.

lately i've been into a lot of weird stuff, just clashing genres, i.e: bloc party, between the buried and me, elad love affair. i digs it.

other than that ... nothing else to report ... um, yeah?

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and it chokes you like razorwire ... [29 Aug 2005|05:34pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

first and foremost i know it's been a long while since i've updated. so this post it probably going to sound weird just got the last one i wrote for damn near a month ago.

but lately i've just been feeling pushed around and pulled at for no good reason. honestly it's been getting to me. i started over at rosemont last monday and since then i had been working a totally of 6 of the 7 days of the week, amounting to a whooping 48.40 hours for my first week. which is all fun, but the things outlining that just seemed to pull at me more.

certain friends i have/had have lost my trust and my interest in pursuing anything else with them. it's funny how i can think back and remember nothing but good times with certain people, and then now they've turned a blind ear for one reason or another. the actions speak louder than words, and unfortunately i don't think it could be the same.

during typing out these words i'd like to speak about my inner turmoils when it comes to my personal life, but i can't because they wouldn't come across in the fashion i'd like them to, and thus get me in trouble once more, and i've had my share of arguements for this week.

i'm off to do whatever.


draw your sword...

understanding ... what's it mean?! [14 Jul 2005|10:25pm]
[ mood | content ]

some lyrics i thought i might share:

your thoughts are yours alone.
as well as your opinions.
so don't stick your words to me.
they'll only fall off.
you preach your false ideals.
a sense of secruity.
one day you'll finally see.
one day you'll finally see.

you fall behind your scene.
safe from individuality.
why would i want to be like that?
i could never think like that!
a mind is a terribly thing to waste.
but it's too late for you.
that might be the right way for you.
but i'm going to do what's right for me.

never, will i live like you.
never, will i think like you.
never, will i believe like you.
never, will i be like you.

i've never actually written lyrics like this before, most have been really gay or emo. this new batch of lyrics seem to have a more positive edge to them, i'm taking quite a shine to them. you might ask yourself, "chris, why do you write lyrics?" because i enjoy it, bitch.

in other news: i got tipped today for no damned reason and it's tight. 5 bucks = schwing! played killer 7 at work, i want it soooo bad. so i need a gamecube again. almost as awesome as resident evil 4 in my opinion.

started up another paypal accnt to get the shirts. pain in the ass but whatever, you know? i'm totally stoked about them too. to see art come to life, it'll be an amazing thing.

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why do your eyes paralyze me? [12 Jul 2005|09:45pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

another update just because i think it's needed:

i've been in this loop all fucking day. i need to get this out. i think i made a huge mistake. like, possibly the biggest one in my life. it's hard to deal at times. i seriously thought this could be an answer. it could .. but at what costs? a steep one in which i believe i've unwittingly agreed to pay. why can't i shake this feeling? because unlike the past, this situtation means more to me than most would care to know. heh. even thought i was the harbringer of the situtation, i feel both the man behind the action and the victim in one.

coming to realize some of your friends don't support you is a harsh realization in itself. it's harder when those friends helped through the first heartache. it always seems my clique of friends isn't that big, i like to keep it that way. i'd perfer to, at least.

all day ... it seems i just can't shake it. maybe i've made a fatal error i can't correct? if so ... i must carry on. if i had stepped over the boundry ... then i guess there's no coming back?

confused and wishing for answers,

5 cut // draw your sword...

oddball calls out ... [11 Jul 2005|07:06pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

this weekend has probably been one of the hardest i've had to go through in awhile and ... i dunno, just a lot of shit i think i should of been more cool about. in retrospect, i'm probably the worst person ever.

but enough of the depressing shit. some good news is on the horizon, i guess. saturday we had our show at the underground. it went amazingly well. very large turnout for the bands that were playing, got tons of compliments of our stage presence and energy. plus we got our buddies in catherine to play two songs after us, just because two of the bands dropped off. it was fun seeing people two-step and dance to our music, very flattering.

shirts were ordered today. hopefully they'll be here within the month. awesome designs by yours truly.

learning to deal with the pain,

p.s: i'm glad you had fun at coheed.

draw your sword...

these scattered memories .... [27 Jun 2005|11:50pm]
[ mood | blah ]

carefree just ain't a adjective to describe my life.

draw your sword...

.... [26 Jun 2005|12:55am]
this would be a part where i left everyone in on what's bugging me.

tough shit

if you need to know, you know. if not, they win.

"you think you have no idea, you're not me. you cannot change me."
draw your sword...

meet me behind the monkey bars, 3pm [20 Jun 2005|12:35am]
[ mood | creative ]

so, if you actually look at this thing. i changed the layout. war oriented, obviously.

a lot of people "think" they have me figured out, what a crock of shit.

good news: amature death scene (my sideproject with zack/dan) finally got our first song down tonight. good times. awesome name too.



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last night ... [06 Jun 2005|12:26pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

was something that i never thought would happen. i had an emotional breakdown. i said some things i shouldn't have and i did some things i'm not very proud of. i feel so .. just alone right now. one of my good friends made me realize that i've got to voice my opinion, but last time that happened ... we all know the outcome.

i guess it just boils down to me being scared of this band, my friends and everything just not being in my life. music is my life, my friends are my life. thishappened two years ago and i don't want to go through with it again.

in a perfect world, everything would go back to the way it was. friends having fun jamming out and no worries inthe world.

but this balance comes at a hefty price.


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you've made your choice at the same time you've made mine. [04 Jun 2005|01:19am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

this is the entry no one reads or gives two shits about, but i don't give a fuck because this has been festering for too fucking long, and fortunately, i'm use to no one giving a shit:

fuck you for being such a pompus asshole to such good people. you lost some of the most awesome people in your life because you have a higher opinion of yourself. heart is what makes people good, not fucking knowledge. squandering my time and effort on you was something i shouldn't have. you were a stepping stone to a better me, and unfortunately you were also one of my hardest falling outs. i respected you as a brother and i treated you like one. i gave you the respect i only showed the closest of friends and you went and fucked it up. whats worse is that fucking lost everything that kept you in check with the person everyone knew and liked. you ain't going to read this and you probably have some witty comeback planned in your head if you by some off chance read it, all i have to say is come with it.

and fuck you for being so obsessed with surface appearances. just because people don't look like you doesn't mean they aren't good people. i first met you i thought you were different but i took a chance and it was good for abit. but your habbits and your opinions just barely scratch the surface of anything. your words carry no weight with anyone but the ones you manipulate to be there for you. i fucking vowed to never bow to someone like you and unfortunately, for a time i did. i realize now that it's just a waste of time and i haven't a care for you or your lopsided opinions of anything. you revolve around the material rather than the spiritual. i hope one day you may understand what i'm saying, but my money is on the opposite. so fuck common curtiousy and fuck being civial.

for once in my life, i feel so alone, so angsty and so driven by pure hate. common respect is all i ask and yet i've received it from so few. can i even talk to anyone about this? no. i'm deemed as "lame", "emo", "moody" or whatever. news for you: PEOPLE GET FUCKING MOODY WHEN THEY'RE DOWN! i'm sick of the downs and i'm sick of the disrespect. the most important thing in life, one of the easiest to display is such a foreign task for SO MANY. sometimes i just wish this underdog had his day. this ain't the fucking movies .. this is life.

if you think this is about you; then you might be right.


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are you ready? [31 May 2005|11:19pm]
[ mood | emotastic ]

sometimes i wish i didn't have to be superman.

sometimes i wish i didn't have to feel.

and sometimes i wish life didn't have to be what it is. =T


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workin' class hero ain't nothing to be [24 May 2005|06:29pm]
[ mood | blah ]

recap time:

1.) E3 2005 was a blast. had a lot of fun with shann and everyone. played some awesome video games, got lots of free stuff and overall, a great vacation from the hetic life i was leading.

2.) bought the weerd science album today. josh eppard, drummer of coheed is the main rapper dude, it's pretty awesome. best rap i've heard in awhile.

3.) been a tad bit sick. illness coming off and on, overall shitness. hopefully it goes away.

other than that, nothign else to report, p'z.

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